Welcome to Egypt - with GAT Tours. The year 2012 brings us to our 30th anniversary in business. Over the course of the past thirty years we have successfully served many travelers and managed hundreds of thousands of tours and travel related services. It is a truly detail-intensive industry that requires a huge commitment to quality, service and speed.
Today our mission is still the same We are proud of the fact that we have created true lasting partnerships with our customers and local service providers. Collaboration is a core value and a key constituent of our success.
All members of our team are here to ensure your visit in Egypt is an incomparable travel experience. Moreover, we look forward to the future with great optimism and aspirations for many more prosperous years to come.
Lastly, the entire staff at GAT Tours values wishing you such unforgettable time in our Land of the Pharaohs.
Should you have any questions or need assistance during your trip preparation our your visit feel free to contact Warmly,
GAT Tours Team


National Museum Of Alexandria

Location: Alexandria

National Museum Of Alexandria Located close to the center of the city, The museum can be found in the old American Consulate building on Fouad Street.[br] Alexandria National Museum nicely sums up the history of Alexandria in...

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Dahab Dahab holds more appeal for those who are keen on unspoilt nature. The beaches are free and the coral reef is a few flipper strokes from the beach. In addition, the site itself is very beautiful: on...

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Upcoming Events

Location: Dahab

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